Pre-Construction Video – Phase 1 North Undergrounding

Phase 1 North of the Undergrounding of Utilities Project will be commencing at the end of July 2017. Burkhardt Construction is the Construction Manager for Phase 1 North.
Pre-construction video will occur prior to construction and begin as early as Friday, July 14th and complete during the week of July 17th. Pre–construction video documents the current condition of landscape and right-of-way areas, along with the current condition of streets, signs, driveways, sidewalks and similar areas.

Video taking place along North Ocean Boulevard and North Lake Way requires police escort to ensure safe roadways. The Town of Palm Beach Police Department is working in collaboration with Burkhardt Construction during this process. Video will also be taken along neighborhood cross streets to properly document the project area. The red lines on the map below indicate the streets that will have video taken during the next week. Additional pre-construction videos will take place in the coming months as the undergrounding project expands to the remaining Phase 1 North streets.

For the pre-construction video, residents are not required to be present or take any action. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Burkhart Construction’s resident liaison Diane Decker at or 561.718.2605.

For more information, please visit the Phase 1 North project webpage at: