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Hurricane preparation & undergrounding FACTS

Here are some important links for your reference to help you and your family make proper arrangements. HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT PROCEDURES COMPREHENSIVE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT PLAN The Town has also been asked questions about how hurricanes and strong storms would impact the new underground utility system.  In light of recent events, we believe it is […]

LED Street Lights & Undergrounding

The Town of Palm Beach and Florida Power & Light are working together to replace the street lights in Phase 1 North and Phase 1 South as part of the Undergrounding of Utilities Project. Once the underground system is energized, the Town will have FPL replace existing street lights that are mounted to FPL utility […]

Palm Beach Daily News: “Palm Beach: Property owners can pay early, avoid utility assessments”

Original link here: http://www.palmbeachdailynews.com/news/local/palm-beach-property-owners-can-pay-early-avoid-utility-assessments/hwm4jWeXvBHq0VESZMSltM/ Town Manager Tom Bradford gives an update on undergrounding after a debate between council candidates on Jan. 23, 2017. He says that’s it is still possible to prepay after Sept. 1. Meghan McCarthy Property owners have the option to prepay the assessments for town-wideutility undergrounding beyond Sept. 1, Palm Beach officials said last week. Prepaying […]

Exploratory Digging Beginning August 14 – Phase 1 South

NOTICE OF CONSTRUCTION TO RESIDENTS & BUSINESS OWNERS Date: August 11, 2017 Reference: Exploratory Digging • BEGINNING August 14, 2017 Town • Wide Undergrounding (South) Construction Project Type of Work: Locating and marking of existing Underground Utilities Location: S. Ocean Blvd. – from Sloan’s Curve to the Town’s South Limits & Ibis Isle Dear Residents […]

Deadline: Prepayment Option for Undergrounding Assessment

Property owners interested in participating in the prepayment option at this time for their undergrounding of utilities assessment should make their payment prior to the September 1st, 2017 deadline.  By utilizing the prepayment option at this time, property owners will avoid interest and other charges associated with paying the assessment annually. Once you prepay your […]