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Electrical Utility Equipment Locations

The Undergrounding Project Team has received the electrical utility equipment locations from FPL for Phase 1 of the program. Team members are working with the utility companies to ensure each location meets specific conduit requirements for undergrounding.  Comcast and AT&T are now completing their infrastructure plans for Phase 1.  

Reducing Project Costs

The Task Force examined multiple options for taking out a bond for the undergrounding project, the method of financing approved by Town voters.  Task Force Members reviewed ways to reduce the debt service on the bonds, cut costs and how lower interest rates can benefit the Town. A more formal discussion on the financing will […]

Increasing Transparency

The Underground Utilities Task Force doubled down on its efforts to encourage resident participation in the Undergrounding Project. The Task Force discussed moving public comment to the end of the meeting to allow residents the opportunity to discuss issues after they have been presented at the meeting.  The Task Force is working with local community […]