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Dashboard Creation

Town of Palm Beach Director of Finance, Jane Struder, presented to the UUTF the Project Dashboard. The Dashboard is a publicly available document that tracks and monitors the planning, design, schedule, budget and financing of the undergrounding project. The Dashboard will monitor the project status while ensuring the budget of each component of the project […]

Traffic Discussion

The UUTF requested a presentation and plan on how the undergrounding project construction would take into account other Town construction projects and how the project will affect traffic. The traffic planning is for the purpose of mitigating traffic associated with construction activities. The Project Team will address these questions at the January UUTF meeting.

Florida Power & Light Review

Between September 26th – October 31st Florida Power & Light will be sending representatives to review the internal components of single family home electric meter box. Only residents living north of Onondaga Avenue or south of Sloan’s Curve will be having their meter boxes reviewed at this time.Residents living in the inspection area have been […]