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More Q&A About Undergrounding

The Neighborhood Alliance of Palm Beach (NAPB) asked the Town of Palm Beach the questions listed below about the Undergrounding of Utilities Project. To ensure residents have accurate information about the undergrounding project, the Underground Utilities Task Force reviewed the questions, corrected inaccuracies and requested the answers be provided to NAPB as well as all Town residents.  The answers to the questions asked by NAPB […]

New UUTF Member

The Town Council voted to add Nicki McDonald to the Underground Utilities Task Force, filling the seat vacated by Mr. Wilbur Ross. Ms. McDonald is President of the Board of the Lake Towers Condominium Association and recently oversaw an undergrounding of utilities project for her condo and adjacent homes.

Undergrounding – Questions Asked. Questions Answered.

The Town of Palm Beach continues to meet with residents and community groups to talk about the Undergrounding of Utilities Project. Town Manager Tom Bradford made a presentation to the Garden Club of Palm Beach and the Greater South County Road Association during their annual “Talk with the Town” forum. Great conversation, good questions and […]

Nightingale and La Puerta Undergrounding Project Update

Residents along Nightingale Trail & La Puerta Way are in the construction process of a neighborhood undergrounding project. The Nightingale/La Puerta Undergrounding of Utilities Project is a neighborhood project that was approved by residents in the project area prior to the 2016 Town-Wide referendum. Residents approved the utilization of the special assessment process for funding […]

Undergrounding Project Finance Update

At the April 13th Town Council meeting, Council members reviewed the proposed assessment methodology that is being considered to repay the General Obligation Bonds that would be secured to fund the project. The methodology used is following a similar formula to what other municipalities have done to finance undergrounding projects. The Town tweaked the assessment […]

Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) Project Delivery Method

The Undergrounding of Utilities Master Plan recommended the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) project delivery method to implement the undergrounding work. The CMAR project delivery method helps ensure the project phases do not go over budget and provides more schedule control throughout the undergrounding construction phase. CMAR was successfully used during the Lake Towers undergrounding […]