Exploratory Digging Beginning August 14 – Phase 1 South


Date: August 11, 2017

Reference: Exploratory Digging • BEGINNING August 14, 2017
Town • Wide Undergrounding (South) Construction Project

Type of Work: Locating and marking of existing Underground Utilities

Location: S. Ocean Blvd. – from Sloan’s Curve to the Town’s South Limits & Ibis Isle

Dear Residents / Businesses

During the dates of August 14, 2017 through August 25, 2017 there will be crews working in the Right-of- Way on the East side of South Ocean Blvd. in front of your property. Crews will be digging to find the existing underground utilities to verify material type, sizes and locations. Some locations will be marked with “site tubes” which are PVC pipes that will stick up 1 foot above the ground. PLEASE notify your maintenance personnel of these site pipes and we ask that they are not disturbed. When we are in front of your property we will be asking you to turn on your irrigation so we can locate sprinkler heads, valve boxes and irrigation water piping. We will also be asking you to turn on the Landscape Lighting to check for locations and buried conduits. These areas will be restored after this exploratory work. This is a standard practice for construction projects. Thank You in advance for your cooperation.