Phase 2 – Request for Voluntary Easement

November 20, 2017

Subject: Volunteering an Easement ~ Phase 2 Townwide Undergrounding Project

The Townwide Undergrounding of Utilities project construction commenced in July 2017 and we remain on schedule. We are now finalizing design of Phase 2 North consisting of properties between Onondaga Avenue to Osceola Way and Phase 2 South which is from Sloan’s Curve and the South County Road/South Ocean Blvd. intersection.

We are pleased to report the Town received outstanding cooperation from residents in Phase 1 who provided utility easements for the project. We are now in the process of identifying potential utility easement locations for Phase 2 for Florida Power & Light, AT&T, and Comcast services.

Phase 2 property owners may consider volunteering an easement on their property for multiple reasons:

  • Volunteering an easement saves time and money. You are helping to reduce the time the Town must spend on easement negotiations assisting the overall undergrounding project to remain on budget and on schedule.
  •  The Town will provide landscaping to screen the equipment from street view. Property owners granting easements have the opportunity to work with the Town regarding the type of landscaping installed and how existing landscaping may be preserved.
  • Having equipment on your property can improve reliability.

If you would like to learn more about the easement process or volunteer an easement, please call 561-227-6307 or email

Thank you again for your support as we move forward with the Townwide Undergrounding of Utilities Project.