Phase 2 ~ Finalizing the Design

Phase 1 of the Townwide Undergrounding of Utilities Project construction commenced in July 2017 and remains on schedule. The next area of construction, Phase 2, will encompass properties in the North between Onondaga Avenue to Osceola Way and in the South from Sloan’s Curve to the South County Road/South Ocean Blvd. intersection.

We are now in the process of finalizing the design for the Phase 2 area to the point of identifying potential utility locations. By the time we get to your street you may have begun your Spring or Summer travel activities but we may need to talk to you or your representative about impacts to your specific property while you are away.   To that end we are requesting property owners in Phase 2 provide Town staff with contact information permitting us to deliver regular Phase 2 updates via email and/or discuss utility placements, if necessary, with you or your authorized designee.  

Please send an email to or call 561-237-7077 to provide your contact information or to ask additional questions about this upcoming phase.